Help! I'm Struggling With
Pornography Addiction

[Bible Question] I am __ years old. When I was younger I was in a long relationship with a girl in which I "knew" I found "the one" and would live happily ever after. After we broke up I refused to have sex with anyone because my "Juliet" was gone for good and never to return. Ever since I have had chances to be with other women. I am good looking and have open and easy invitations for sex on multiple occasions and I always turn it down - mostly because of fear of the unknown and the number of sexual partners these girls have spread themselves open for.

My friends can't understand why I won't have sex and what my problem is. But as a result of this fear I have not had sex in over __ years. God has been generous and good to me in all other aspects. But after __ years of celibacy I feel like I'm going INSANE. If I did not have ______, a stable family that's loves me, and ______ in my life I don't know what I would do. God has been good to me in every other respect but this __ years of loneliness (I have not even kissed ANYONE in __ years) is more than I can bear. Nobody really knows it has been this long I am afraid if I tell people will shun me. So I lie and lie and lie about it.

In the meantime ... I'm struggling with pornography addiction. I picked this up about 4 years ago. I'd seen it before that as "fun" but never with any real interest beyond laughing at the poor acting, B grade dialogue, and ugly "actors". I never used to look at this before and if I was married I would have no reason to!!!! Time after time again I say I will not look at it anyone. Sometimes I succeed and am able refuse to look at it or turn it off in the midstream. Sometimes I'll go for weeks or months on end and not look at it. I feel better at these times like drug addiction it gets easier as time progresses. But invariably I go back to it again. The things they have on the internet are worse than sodom and Gomorrah these days - times have changed - and they are effecting everybody and nobody's doing anything about it. ... It's in the privacy of my own home in "secret" too ...This makes it even worse sin and more temptation. It's like offering the chance to steal a BMW with a known guarantee that you will never get caught (by humans).

I am very worried about this now. I believe that I'm committing a sin against Christ. I don't want to go to hell. I am also worried about the way this alters my feelings inwardly. I feel guilty and weird. Alienated from Jesus Christ afterwards. I can't dare ask for true forgiveness after these sins!

What can I do ? How long will I have to wait before I can ask forgiveness? I'm not good enough to ask now because I just looked at it yesterday. Why aren't there any REAL groups lobbying the government and showing them what's really going on and how sick, twisted and evil these people are and how far they are taking this pornography. I AM ONLY __ YEARS OLD. I HOPE I STILL HAVE TIME LEFT. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.

Shedding tears,


Greetings in Jesus' name.

We are very sorry for all the pain you have been suffering. Please know that we get emails from many different kinds of people and there are many others that are hurting too.

The answer to your problems is God. It sounds too simple to be true, but it is still true. First, you need forgiveness. You can NOW cry out to God for forgiveness and deliverance from this slavery and addiction to porn and He will do it. You must be sincere and must be willing to turn from all known sin. After you pray, DESTROY all of your porn. Tear it up, burn it, etc. but make sure no one else will be hurt by that devilish stuff. If you ever are tempted to look at pornography on-line, hold your hand over the flames on your stove and think about were the unsaved will go, according to Scripture.

Memorize Mark 9:43-48 and recite it out loud often. Jesus wasn't joking when he gave us Mt. 5:8, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God."

Next, read through the New Testament and change accordingly. God's children put his words into practice. As you draw near to God, He will draw near to you. You can have PEACE and JOY from God that is unmatched by anything the world can offer, even what you mentioned in your email.

If you live for God, your life will be well spent and you will be a blessing to many who are in desperate need along the way. Many don't know they are on the road to the lake of fire or how to find forgiveness. They need to learn about JESUS, "our life, sweetness and hope."

You will have "rest for your soul" (Mt. 11:29) as long as you keep the Lord's yoke on yourself and follow him. He is worthy to be loved, served and worshiped.

We have much information on porn addiction and the related at Lust: Another Name For Adultery. Please note related emails in the past from others on this subject.

Write again if we can help more.

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