Out of Eternal Security!

Brother Joe

christian testimony

I Drifted Away and Stopped Living For God

Here is my testimony. I was hooked on all kinds of ungodly things such as pornography before being saved.christian testimony Being saved in a Baptist Church I left all that behind for 5 years!

I came to a point in my life after being a Christian for five years and later obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology that I had “left my first love.” I drifted back into adulterous thoughts and there was a married woman in the church who was all too busy trying to get me into an adulterous relationship with her, which did not help. Both she and her husband believe in OSAS, so I can see why her conduct is this way. I never carried it out though, praise God!

I was taught OSAS from the very point of salvation and it carried over into the teaching of Bible Seminary. I thought that I could go on sinning and having adulterous thoughts and actions and be saved.

SHOCKING Testimony of Being Raised in Rick Warren's Saddleback Church

I stopped living for God and produced no fruits. In the meantime I befriended an older man who was a younger Christian than I was, but he told me he believed that you could lose your salvation by turning away from our Lord Jesus Christ! I did not believe him at first but I kept an open mind.

NO eternal security christian testimony

The Angels Left Their First Estate

After studying and struggling for awhile I began to see verses that refute this heretical teaching of OSAS. I began to see my need to completely repent and come back to the Lord. If the angels had “left their first estate” why couldn’t a human, created in the image of God do the same thing?

If we truly have a free will, we can walk away from our own salvation. It was this testimony of this Scripture and many others that totally changed my outlook on it! There is no once saved always saved, only a Covenant (Conditional) Security between the believer and our Lord Jesus Christ! The Covenant is the New Testament teachings of grace by which we must endure to the end to be saved!

We are now out of fellowship with the institutional churches that teach this and we are only in Bible Studies with other Christians who are seeking the truth.

This has also led me to the rejection of pre-tribulational rapture! That is for another time and place. I stumbled on this Web-site and may God bless Dan Corner, his family, and those who labor in love for the furtherance of the true gospel of Jesus Christ!

In Christ (again),


christian testimony

I Became a Homosexual Prostitute and Pimped My Wife but Thought I Was Saved

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