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... I thank you so very, very much for doing this, and I say this with tears welling in my eyes. I have never heard preaching quite like this, and to Almighty God in Heaven, our Holy Father, I am so deeply thankful for you. Through the Holy Spirit, you have lifted my spirit and comforted my soul. Jesus Christ is Lord. Of this I am sure. It is the only thing that I live and could die for. For I know that there is a Holy God, His Holy Son, and His Holy Spirit who love us.

... This I do know Dan, your ministry is extremely important especially now. People are lost and they are missing heaven unaware. The false teaching is everywhere you look and the truth is so hard to find. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. Your materials are invaluable in the spiritual fight we find ourselves in. I Thank God For You

I encourage you in your commitment to live by God's True Word and pray for your continued strength in sharing it will all who will listen. I personally thank you so much for helping me ... for several years as I have read your book all the way though and have learned much from you.

My name is ... and recently I have join your site. First I would like to clarify to you that I am not osas or any religious affiliated ... I would like to say that I have check many sites about you and found you are worthy of my continue trust. Believe me, I have check others ... and they all fall short. I also want to say that I am sorry for you getting attacked by so many osas, but I am not very knowledgeable to quote the Scripture. But please do not stop, you are doing something that I have only dreamt of doing. One thing you can say about me is that I am a coward, if many of these people were against me, I guess I would run and hide. But unlike me, you stood your ground and defend people like me, for this I want you to know from my heart, "Thank You". May God bless you and all of us and Yes, I do believe in Jesus Christ -- not Yeshua -- because God knows all languages and the Holy name which is needed for salvation.

Brother Corner. I just read a lengthy "post" ... attempting to ... magnify the OSAS philosophy. As for all those who try to debate holiness and truth, they, for some reason want to justify SIN and point fingers at, find fault in and twist scripture to, I guess ... feel good about their "Faith". He quotes others ... that give their opinion of what they F E E L salvation is but when it comes right down to it leave the Bible out of their Explanation, yet say you are the heretic??? I for one have a love for the truth, and Know that you do also. Keep up the Good Work ... for It's stories like these that make me want to praise our Lord all the more !! God Bless you

Brother Corner, Thanks so much for all that you do at Evangelical Outreach. All of my life, I've been prone to depression and anxiety, and it all came to a head this past year. Your ministry was, in part, responsible for helping to save my sanity, and I mean that in a very literal way. I wish now that I'd never heard of the hateful doctrine of Eternal Security, but having come from that background, I'm now laboring with you to turn the church back to the true grace message. So far, I've been able to change one person's mind, and he in turn is trying to influence others. So please know that your ministry is bearing fruit ... Thanks again.

I'm requesting a copy of Daniel Corner's book, The Myth of Eternal Security. I'm open to the truth. I'm hungry for the truth, and I'm so sick of what I see in the lives of those who embrace "once saved always saved" doctrine. I see no holiness in their lives, no separation from the desires for the things of the world. I'm a new Christian seeking the heart of God behind his word, his nature, his character and his ways, and I know I need establishment in truth as I suffer intense persecution because of my faith in Christ and pursuit of holiness in my daily life. Amazingly, the greatest persecution I suffer is coming from none other than "once saved always saved" adherents, not as a result of anything I've ever said, but because my separation unto God and constant, consistent desire and striving for complete obedience to God's word and pursuit of God's heart in prayer, and my consecration to him is convicting them of their worldliness before I even utter one word out of my mouth, A new Christian ...

Test Everything Hold On To The Good

Dear friends, Hello. I'm currently incarcerated at _______ Prison. I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ. I write this letter because I'm giving Bible studies here and would like to utilize Brother Corner's book [The Believer's Conditional Security] as my outlines on this subject. I'm serious about my walk with Jesus Christ. There are many here that need to be taught the truth concerning God's grace, salvation, free-will and human responsibility. The once saved always saved traditional teaching must be challenged and refuted with Scripture. Thank you Brother Corner for standing for the truth. Amen. We have Bible study groups. I teach one and Brother ____ teaches the other. Can you please also send him a copy too? I'm enclosing his name and ____ number. Thank you. I appreciate all your support and care.

Hello my brother in Christ. I'm writing this letter because I'm seriously interested in a copy of your book titled, "The Conditional Security of the Believer" and a copy of your smaller book on John MacArthur ... I'm a born again believer in Jesus Christ. Recently, I was appointed to work and help out in the chapel's library and to my surprise I noticed that all the books here advocate the once saved always saved position. There needs to be a balance or at least a shift back to what the Bible actually teaches concerning the grace of God. Please, Brother Corner, send me a copy of your book so that I can log into our library and also recommend it to many of the brothers here. Thank you so much. I love you in Jesus Christ. I was told by another brother here that I could request a copy of your book. I will personally study it carefully before I give it to the library here. Once again, thank you so much. With love, Your brother in Christ.

Thank you very much for writing the book, "The Believer's Conditional Security." After reading most of it, I am convinced of the truth that it is possible to fall away after coming to Christ ...

I am going to stand by your doctrine as you sure have the scripture to back it up.

I was a catholic for 27 years, I have been receiving your very informative e-mails on the catholic church which I have shared with family, friends and anyone else who is willing to listen. Your excellent book on Mary has been shared with many people, some have embraced it others have rejected it. To those who have rejected it, I humbly asked them, "Did you bother to open your bible when you were reading this book"? All replied, No! They seek out church tradition instead, how sad. These people have no knowledge of the sacred scriptures, what they are or what they mean. Coming out of Roman Catholicism for me was coming out of the darkness into the light. Thanks for standing for the truth. Trusting 100% in Jesus Christ for my salvation.

Hi Dan, I own a copy of The Believer's Conditional Security and have just finished most of it. Thank you for a thorough and organized arrangement of the Scriptures dealing with salvation and the kingdom of heaven. I spent the first thirty years of my life believing eternal security. An in-depth Bible study in Matthew with my men's group has revealed an awkwardness in interpreting the parables of the kingdom through a once saved always saved lens. While they are hardcore Southern Baptists, I found myself alone as the only one willing to let the Bible change my doctrine. From that point on (about 6-10 months ago) I put this new skepticism together with verses in Revelation I already knew about and developed a real drive to know the truth. Your name and ministry consistently popped up during a search for like-minded believers that see these warnings in Scripture. Once I looked into it, I realized that my family must part ways with the Baptist denomination.

... Your ministry has truly been a blessing.

...Very timidly I began searching and reading, just knowing that pretty soon, my fear, that someone would speak the unadulterated truth, as usual would be ruined by the weakness of the flesh. Glory to God not so. I read strange words like "Holiness," "Calvinism," "Arminian." That Hell is real and that God means what he says, that he is not all love, that he is a jealous God, that we are to endure, that we will be tested, tried in the fire. Brother Corner, after years of conviction and living my life for the devil, also knowing that if I were to be saved (I felt and knew that Christians did not SIN, that I would have to give up my past life). Why, in the city of ________ would the Lord put a Holiness church 2 blocks from where I was living, and why I was compelled to tell my wife (now of 30 years) we should go there. That was 1983. I knew no different, I expected nothing different, there were altars of prayer, righteousness was preached, living for God no matter how difficult times were was preached, that Christianity was not a religion but the divine revelation of God. That hell was as equally as bad as heaven was good. And if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold all things are become NEW. Every single word as does the whole bible have clear meaning! That was a long time ago. It did not take a long time to realize that not all people believed that way, and in fact I found that MOST did not. A lot has transpired since then; the church split, the pastor died, finding a church that even partially resembled holiness was nonexistent. Eternal security, divorce and remarriage, church being nothing but a social gathering, is the norm. I for one don't believe that is what God had meant for us to live like! But through your book The Believer's Conditional Security and your other wonderful tracts and tapes, it feels good to know, and I feel confident more so, that our Lord does remain in charge. God bless you and I will stay in touch.

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