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Eternal Security or Conditional Security 2

Eternal Security or Conditional Security

Are All Sins Of The Same Degree?
It is amazing how many people are unable to see the truth of a Scriptural passage after they have accepted a faulty understanding of it.
Precious Truths From Hebrews 11:15,16
There are many precious and vital truths for us to remember all through the Bible. One passage containing such has to be Hebrews 11:15,16.

Demas is an example of someone who was saved and then lost.
An Eternal Security Teacher With a New Convert

This picture speaks out ten thousand words regarding the danger here!
The Neglected Possibility When Someone Backslides
How sad it is that such ignorance of the Bible continues to proliferate the professing Christian world.
Eternal Security and Evangelical Teen Sex
How many young American lives have been ruined or at least adversely affected by premarital sex and pregnancy? Certainly the number is far too high, especially in our wicked society. Shocking as it may sound, that overall number has been increased by the teaching of eternal security through its many deceived teen proponents.
How To Live Above Sin
Is it possible for a righteous person to live in such a way that he is not walking in wickedness but is obeying God?
The Faith Of Demons

Multitudes in our day, who profess to be Christians, only have the faith of demons. They profess Jesus as the Son of God, but live in sin.
Tony Evans On Sexual Purity
For those who sit under his teaching influence, this critical review may prove to be most beneficial.
Is Eternal Security a License For Immorality?
As it has often been stated in the past, eternal security proponents will deny the truth that their own beloved doctrine is a license for immorality.
How To Have Church Revival
Even in this dark hour, there are still a few people who would love to see church revival.
Twice Lost Always Lost Errors
Perhaps some have never thought about the adverse ramifications of the twice lost always lost teaching
John 6:37-39 -- An Eternal Security Misuse Of Scripture
It amazes me how eternal security proponents can think they have found solid Scriptural support for their security-in-sin gospel when it doesn't exist in the Bible anywhere. This, however, is exactly what they think, according to emails that we have received. Reader, be assured all of the so-called verses on eternal security have been misused somehow!
Phil. 1:6 Does Not Support Eternal Security
When one examines the context of Phil. 1:6 it becomes clear that it cannot be correctly used to support eternal security.
Can Salvation Be Lost?
An intense, raging battle continues over the doctrinal issue, can salvation be lost or are we once saved always saved (OSAS)?
The Plan Of Salvation
There is not a more important subject to study than salvation. In fact, there is not even a close second among all the many topics that have been taught over the centuries. Though the term salvation can be used in different ways, here it refers to deliverance from damnation in the fires of hell. This is the only way this important term will be used in this teaching.
The New Creation
When a person becomes a Bible-defined Christian (that is, when he sincerely turns away from his idols and commits his life to obey and serve the Lord Jesus), he becomes a child of God and a new creation.
Are We Justified By Faith AND WORKS, According To James 2:24?
James was clear in stating a saving faith in Jesus will have [good] works with it (James 2:14-17). If there are no [good] works then it is not a saving faith and merely the faith of demons. Works (obedience) is the proof of a saving/living faith, but one is still saved instantly at the point of a trusting-submitting faith in Jesus, even before any good works are seen by man.
Romans 6:1-23, Freed From Sin Addictions
Romans 6 is the Christian - not Romans 7:14-25, as most have been wrongly taught.
Fruit Or Fire (John 15:1-8)
One of the most misunderstood teachings from the Lord Jesus is this one. This passage is clear and to the point, but eternal security teachers have twisted these Scriptures and denied their clarity to preserve the heresy of once saved always saved. You are about to be stirred.
Your Salvation and Your Words
Can your words (which include your teachings) mortally affect your salvation?
How Significant Is Your Testimony of Jesus?
Confessing Jesus as Lord and testifying to others about Him has always been very important - even vital (Rom. 10:9; Mt. 12:37; 10:33; etc), but for the last generation of Christians, it will be even more so, if that is possible.
A Hell Warning Directed to Those Saved By Grace Regarding Imorality, Impurity and Greed
Without a doubt, the relevant warning for Christians found in Eph. 5:5-7 should stir anyone seriously interested in inheriting the kingdom of God and avoiding the lake of fire.
Salvation Observations From James 5:19, 20.
Certainly one of the powerfully devastating passages to eternal security is the last two verses in the book of James.
How Serious Is It To NOT Inherit The Kingdom Of God?
In this particular study we will focus in upon the seriousness of not inheriting it.
How to Live Forever and Never Die
The one and only precious Lord Jesus who conquered death, the grave and defeated the devil taught about living forever and never dying on at least four different occasions. He gave us his word on how we can have this sought-after experience.
Do You Have Peace With God Now?
To have peace with God should be our chief pursuit.
Apostasy Occurs Among Christians
Apostasy (departure from the faith) is a definite possibility among Christians, even though it is sometimes vehemently denied by the security-in-sin teachers, better known as eternal security or the perseverance of the saints teachers. In fact, apostasy is taught so often throughout the New Testament that it is difficult to believe that anyone sincerely desiring truth could miss it.
Backslider, God Wants You Back!
A backslider is a person who once had salvation, but has since turned away from the Lord Jesus.
Which Gospel Or Salvation Do You Believe?
Among people who call themselves Bible-believing, born again Christians there are primarily two different salvation messages (gospels) that are proclaimed.
Possible Spiritual Tragedies Between Initial and Final Salvation
Don't be deceived! According to Scripture, these things can happen after you get saved.
Is Believing on Jesus the Same as Obeying Him?
Because of various doctrines of demons, many think they can believe on Jesus without obeying him. This, however, is not the message of the Bible, but a dangerous misunderstanding and spiritual snare.
The Lord Repeated This Salvation Truth Six Times
Few teachings of the Lord are found more than three times, but one particular teaching is found six times in all four Gospel accounts and related to the believer's security (salvation).
The Accusation Of A Works Salvation
It has been taught or suggested that one either believes in once saved always saved or must believe in a works salvation. Such an inference could not be further from the truth!
Can Salvation Be Lost With One Sin?

Some people who say they reject eternal security teach a Christian can engage in occasional acts of adultery, drunkenness, theft, etc. and remain saved. Is there Biblical evidence for such?
Does The Seal Of The Holy Spirit Guarantee Salvation?

Is the seal of the Holy Spirit an unconditional guarantee of heaven as is commonly used among the once saved always saved people?
He Was Never Really Saved To Begin With!
This article powerfully refutes this commonly cited argument used by the perseverance of the saints (once saved always saved) proponents.

If you STILL believe in eternal security AFTER reviewing all the pertinent material at this site, please tell us why you reject the Biblical evidence.

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