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Ex Catholic Answers 1

By denying what Jesus taught in Mt. 11:11 you are indirectly calling Jesus a liar, though you don't know it. Here is why. Ponder this carefully. Jesus taught:
"This is the one about whom it is written: 'I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you.' I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he." (Mat 11:10,11)
John the Baptist was the greatest born of woman because he prepared the way before Jesus (v.10). That shows, obviously, as the audience understood it, that excluded Jesus himself from all who could prepare the way before himself. Jesus could have said Mary prepared the way before him or someone else, but didn't. It was John who did that most important thing, showing John is greater than Mary (Abraham, David, Moses, etc.). All call Jesus a "liar" by denying that truth of God, even though they are ignorantly doing it.

FYI: Roman Catholicism wrongly thinks Mary was sinless based on her being full of grace. IF that is how one is shown to be sinless, then Stephen was also sinless because he was full of grace AND POWER (Acts 6:8). Mary was NOT full of power. Again, Stephen (besides John the Baptist) was GREATER THAN MARY, since he was also full of power. Stephen performed miracles, which Mary didn't. Stephen was a martyr, which Mary wasn't. Mary gave us NO teachings, but Stephen summed up the OT in Acts 7, with his wonderful impromptu teaching.

No one cares what the Catholic Church teaches any more than what the Mormon Church teaches or the Seventh Day Adventist Church teaches, etc. It makes no difference at all. It has NO importance at all. Our Judgment before God will be based only on the word of God (John 12:48 cf. 2 Tim. 3:16,17), not any so-called self-proclaimed church, which is NOT the real church of the NT.

The only reliable historical account is what is found in the bible. The New Testament is Church history and that account VIOLENTLY opposes and refutes Catholicism and its various idolatries. FYI: Different historical accounts clash with each other (religious or secular). NO historical account is 100% accurate -- ONLY the bible.

To lump all non-Catholics together is a logical fallacy. I don't care about Martin Luther, John Calvin or anyone else. ONLY THE BIBLICAL MESSAGE is important and will decide where we spend eternity -- Paradise OR Eternal Fire.

Don't pull that old feeble argument on me that all non-Catholics are divided over beliefs, but Catholics aren't and are therefore better. The Jehovah's Witnesses use that same argument in an erroneous attempt to exalt themselves! PONDER THIS: Pope Honorius I was condemned as a "heretic" and anathematized by another pope and church council! So where is the unity???? Furthermore, Vatican Council I Catholics are at serious odds with Vatican Council II Catholics about Catholic dogma -- if ONLY Catholics can be saved or not. Have you ever heard of the Unam Sanctam papal decree? It is a MYTH to think Catholics are unified in their doctrine. Get it right. Don't just believe the hogwash we were taught.

The most important thing for you to seek is to get freed from your sin addictions, as all Christians are (Rom. 6:22). You have a salvation in name only -- NOT the real thing -- just a powerless worthless counterfeit. Check these out carefully with God's word: Answers From Former Catholic, Ex Catholic, Plan of Salvation, Freed From Sins Addictions, Bible Question For Catholics. Your SOUL remains in the greatest danger. Don't call Jesus a "liar" anymore.

Ex Catholic Answers 2

Thanks for sharing some personal data about yourself. Your past New Age movement involvement, because of its connection with the occult and witchcraft, has without doubt opened you up for demonic deception even more so than the average person. That could explain the Virgin Mary apparition you had. However, the bottom line is: the real Mary, mother of Jesus, would never lead you in a way that would cause you to become a Roman Catholic. WHY? Because the Roman Catholic system is not the message of the bible and is even anti bible. It is NOT of God either.

My background is Roman Catholic. I was raised a Catholic and wanted to stay a Catholic, even when reading the Catholic Bible. As hard as I tried, I could not force the bible to teach Catholicism. I finally made my exit, a vital spiritual move for me or anyone. Therefore, the real problem for me and many who have left Roman Catholicism is not their make-believe authority they fallaciously claim for themselves, but truth itself. To be blunt, the Roman Catholic church is an idolatrous fraud with so many heresies and spiritual violations to God's word it is hard to list them all. Their sacerdotal system, which you referred to, is just part of it. Without question, the bible is GOD'S TRUTH. Since the Roman Catholic church adds to the bible with their so-called sacred traditions and those traditions contradict scripture, then there MUST be error, but it isn't with the bible. It is with Catholic tradition. See Mt. 6:6-8 vs. the Rosary.

Furthermore, Catholicism hates anyone drawing from the bible alone because their teachings and practices are not found in the bible for the most part. Remember that fact in light of 2 Tim. 3:16,17, which says Christian teaching is to come from the scriptures. That is part of the earliest Christian teaching, besides being a death blow, in itself, to Roman Catholicism.

Again, for your soul's sake, read the New Testament and change accordingly. Read it as though your eternity depends on it, for it surely does. You are 100% safe to go by the bible ALONE for all Christian doctrine and practices. If you, or anyone, depart from the bible to go to any other source, you are wide open for lethal spiritual deception. Carefully ponder and memorize 2 Tim. 3:16,17. Don't allow the Catholic spin on private interpretation to lead to your downfall.

Do this salvation quiz using your bible and also these questions for Catholics. ALL 100% of your trust and reliance for salvation are to be in the Lord Jesus Christ, who you must follow and serve in this wicked and deceitful age. Please write back and share your thoughts.

You must not know us very well. We are NOT once saved always saved proponents, nor are we King James Bible advocates, as so many are. Thanks.

Ex Catholic Answers 3

How do you understand this:
"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." (2 Tim 3:16,17)
We believe God's word. IF you think the mention of tradition in scripture is Catholic tradition, please offer your proof. WHAT IS THE PROOF? Thanks.

Ex Catholic Answers 4

Thanks for writing. We are glad you found us. I was once a staunch Roman Catholic. When a Catholic starts to get his eyes opened to the truth there will be MANY questions and issues that arise. You are going through a similar thing as I did!

Just like you, some of the first things I stopped was praying to Mary, etc., and only prayed to God. I also stopped singing praise songs to Mary.

You must understand that the plan of salvation in Catholicism is NOT the same as shown in the bible and is therefore poisonously wrong. The bible is final spiritual authority (2 Tim. 3:16,17). Just on that basis alone it is important to vacate such a false religious system as the Catholic church. It is like getting wrong directions as you travel down the road to a destination, but MUCH WORSE!

Secondly, the Catholic church is filled with the sin of idolatry. The sin of idolatry has always been especially repulsive to God and will land all idolaters in the lake of fire (Rev. 21:8). Idolatry is committed by just bowing before and/or kissing images. It is committed by praying to Mary, the saints and angels. It is also committed by trusting in Mary for salvation.

Furthermore, Peter was not the first pope, Mary was not sinless nor co-redeemer with Jesus. The pope is not infallible, nor did the Catholic church produce the bible. Jesus alone paid for our redemption at the cross and he is not now a little boy sitting on Mary's lap as she rules from the throne. There are so many poisonous errors throughout Catholicism the list would be hard to complete!

The final straw for me was the Fatima visions of 1917, which state that Mary is our refuge and Mary is the way to God! To believe that alone will send all to hell who are so massively deceived.

The first thing you need to do is exit the Catholic church for it will deceive you, lead you into idolatry and hell after death. Secondly, don't even try to find a sound church for at least 4 to 6 months as you saturate your mind with the truth of the New Testament. Read, ponder and memorize scripture. What you do with that message will affect you throughout eternity!

We are living in an apostasy. God's truth is very hard to find, but when you read and ponder scripture, you are getting 100% truth! Know this: the devil is not in hell now! He prowls around throughout the world trying to devour (1 Pet. 5:8)! The devil uses various types of religious deception. He can come in a vision, speak through teachers, etc. You must be guarded for his goal is to damn you!

The only way you will know what teachings and actions are correct or not is to go by the bible. You MUST learn the New Testament by reading it directly for yourself. Do NOT just trust another to tell you what it says.

We have MANY pages and teachings for Catholics on our website. Here is a link to some radio teachings on Catholicism which would help you.

Write back in a week or two and tell me how you are doing. BTW, we also have a book for Catholics entitled, Is This The Mary Of The Bible? If you can't afford it and will read it, I'll send you one free. STAY IN THE BIBLE.

Ex Catholic Answers 5

If a person goes to hell through Islam OR Catholicism there is no difference. Both have sent multitudes to eternal fire and are the ENEMIES of God's truth. We refute each openly.

Since I'm an EX Catholic, I have much familiarity with the IDOLATRIES and HERESIES in Catholicism, plus a book entitled, "Is This The Mary of the Bible?"

Ex Catholic Answers 6

Greetings in Jesus' name. THANK YOU for writing. QUESTION: WHY did Mary have to get filled with the Holy Spirit as the other 120 did in Acts 1? I'll await your answer.

Ex Catholic Answers 7

Thanks for responding, but I noticed you are again trying to avoid the question: Is a person 100% safe to go by the Bible ALONE? That is NOT a good sign for you. Why don't you just admit that it has to be 100% SAFE to go by the bible alone?

Remember this: The Jews (NOT CATHOLICS) gave us the whole Old Testament, according to God's word (Rom. 3:1,2)! Also, the Jews REJECTED the Apocrypha, proving the Catholic Church is also in error over their acceptance of the Apocrypha.

Let me quote my dear departed ex Catholic Grandmother, when she was in the hospital and her priest came to visit her when she was alone and sickly, to get her to return to darkness. The priest said the same thing as you and others wrongly think, that is, the bible came from Catholicism. My grandmother told him, What matters is who is obeying the bible! That is the issue and that flatly condemns Catholicism. Granny was right!

It is great that you tell me Jesus is THE WAY to God, as he surely is (Jn. 14:6), but how can you tolerate your own religious system which has approved Fatima which says Mary is THE WAY to God? The same spirit which approved the Apocrypha has approved Fatima! Please comment on the Fatima abomination.


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