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Dan Corner and Evangelical Outreach Over The Years

Brother Dan Corner has had a mountain of hands-on experience with the Bible and Christian evangelism,brother dan corner soul winner evangelist bible teacher evangelical outreach witnessing to 1,000+ people one on one over the decades. Dan Corner has preached, perhaps, a thousand or more sermons and unfortunately has seen multitudes of people deceived and ruined by false teachings.sister Cheryl Corner soul winner evangelist bible teacher evangelical outreach It has been an intense battle for truth from day one, but it is also the good fight the Bible speaks of. dan cornerFighting the good fight is what Brother Dan Corner and Sister Cheryl do, and they plan to finish their earthly race sowing gospel seeds and helping others, especially in a spiritual way.

As Director of Evangelical Outreach, Brother Dan Corner is a:

dan corner Follower of Jesus Christ
dan corner Holiness Preacher
dan corner Christian Teacher and Preacher
dan corner Christian Author
dan corner Christian Apologist
dan corner Bible Teacher
dan corner Soul Winner
dan corner Christian Evangelist
dan corner Former Roman Catholic

dan corner Contender for the Christian Faith
Dan Corner Dan Corner Dan Corner Dan Corner

After graduating from college, Dan Corner got saved by reading the Bible. For over three decades, he has diligently served the Lord Jesus.Dan Corner Dan Corner's pastoral, apologetic, counter cult and street evangelism experiences have equipped him to contend for the faith (Jude 3,4) and win souls to Jesus from many backgrounds.

Dan Corner is an ordained minister who pastored for almost seven years and has authored several books:

Is This The Mary of the Bible? Dan Corner

Three Books by Brother Dan Corner

dan cornerThe Believer's Conditional Security, a complete 801 page Biblical refutation to eternal security, which is thoroughly documented. This book is the most comprehensive and exhaustive volume ever written on this topic. (It is available in softback, hardback and voice book.)

dan corner The Myth of Eternal Security (supplementing and reinforcing The Believer's Conditional Security)

dan cornerIs this the Mary of the Bible? (comparing Mary mother of Jesus to the Mary of Roman Catholicism).

Dan Corner's Ordination Sermon

Soul Winning (part one)

Soul Winning (part two)

Former Roman Catholic Testimony by Dan Corner

first holy communion

Soul Winning And TV

Dan Corner Fiery Great
Commission Holiness Preaching
                           Dan Corner Testimony of Salvation and Healing              Dan Corner Street Evangelizing               Dan Corner

The Battle For The Evangelical Gospel

The battle for the correct evangelical gospel is a battle against eternal security (once saved always saved). That perverted grace message has spread like gangrene to the point of reducing the holy image of a Christian to a slave to sin and a sinner. Multitudes are in hell now because of the license for sin related to it.

dan corner Dan Corner evangelist soul winner

The Condensed Spiritual Life of Dan Corner

Dan Corner Dan Corner Brother Dan Corner was once a rock-hard, scapular wearing Roman Catholic who believed only Roman Catholics could go to heaven. He remained this way until he started to read the Catholic bible after graduating from college. brother Dan CornerWhen he read Luke 18:9-14, and humbly acted upon Jesus' teaching with sincere repentance, he was born again and instantly set free from his sin addictions, neither of which he knew anything about! He personally knew no Christian before he himself became one. Soon after his conversion, various members of his family died throughout the year, waking him up further to reality. He started going door-to-door alone with the gospel. After praying for a witnessing partner, he found JH, who is now dead. Together they, and others, did door to door work, street preached in various cities and in different circumstances, prayed for and with many people in the hospital, held home bible studies, went to Jehovah's Witness conventions to witness to them, had an 8 hour two part debate in a Kingdom Hall on the Trinity and deity of Christ director of evangelical outreachand did various other creative things to spread God's truth to the lost. Dan also got on the radio and placed various ads in the newspapers on different religious issues. After about 8 years of such, Brother Dan Corner quit his secular job and went to bible school to become a pastor. He finished bible school in record time, was ordained and pioneered a church in Pittsburgh, PA. He also memorized approximately 500 bible verses. Christian evangelismAfter nearly 7 years of pastoring, he felt he could do more for God by street evangelizing again. With his wife, Cheryl, they started formulating their own gospel literature and they have been fighting the good fight ever since. Many things have been accomplished to the glory of God such as EvangelicalOutreach.org and EternalLifeBlog.com websites with hundreds of different teachings and blog posts. Powerful books, gospel tracts and many audio and video teachings have been produced over the years to spread God's truth for the benefit of souls. MANY have contacted us reporting the benefits they have received from Evangelical Outreach. To God be the glory. Brother Dan Corner realizes the greatest problem in protestant churches in our day is the damnable heresy of eternal security and those who teach like it. That certainly includes all who wrongly believe King David retained his salvation while he was in adultery and murder! He has written two volumes (over 1,000 pages) refuting eternal security. dan corner street witnessingThe most glaring problem in Catholicism, though many different serious problems exist in it, is their fabricated and imaginary Catholic Mary which has been lethally and idolatrously elevated to the sinless, sovereign, co-redeemer with Jesus, who supposedly dispenses all grace! Dan Corner has GREAT peace and joy as he serves God in our apostate day.dan corner gospel message His personal goal is to be an honor to Jesus. Brother Dan Corner has been reading and studying the entire bible for well over thirty-five years.

Booklets written by Dan Corner include:

dan corner The Gospel According to Charles Stanley, EXPOSES in touch Charles Stanley
as teaching a false grace message;

dan corner Unmasking John MacArthur's Calvinistic Version of Saving Faith, a close study of John MacArthur's DANGEROUS beliefs;

dan corner A Critique of Gail Riplinger's Scholarship and KJV Onlyism, a refutation to her problematic publications.

Dan Corner Dan Corner street witnessingDan Corner has also written hundreds of articles and tracts on a wide variety of subjects. He also conducts weekly Internet Church for the spiritual benefit of many who cannot find a sound congregation in their area or are physically hindered from leaving their home.

Brother Dan Corner has done various radio and TV interviews on his book refuting eternal security and is available for seminars and conferences or to bring revival to your church.

The Christian Beliefs of Evangelical Outreach.

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The Myth of Eternal Security

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