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Christian debates are not anything new! There have been Christian debates from the days of the Lord Jesus Christ and his apostles. Though Christian debates might not be a common practice in our hour, they are a great way to learn the vital issues very quickly! Again, the Lord Jesus himself even debated (Mark 12:28), as well as others, over doctrinal issues. It can't, therefore, be a sin to debate, as some might wrongly say. In fact, if heresies are not addressed and refuted, they will spread to the detriment of SOULS. Consequently, Christians must fight the good fight for God's truth with sound bible-based arguments. One such example of that was Apollos. Apollos had a Christian debate in Achaia and his bible-based arguments were of great help to those who believed, that is, the Christians:

When Apollos wanted to go to Achaia, the brothers encouraged him and wrote to the disciples there to welcome him. On arriving, he was a great help to those who by grace had believed. For he vigorously refuted the Jews in public debate, proving from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Christ. (Acts 18:27,28)
It is our godly desire at Evangelical Outreach that the following Christian debates will, likewise, be of great help to all who listen. God bless you.

Dave Hunt Vs Dan Corner

Get the transcript by clicking Dave Hunt (pdf)
Watch the Dave Hunt Eternal Security Debate Video here.

Jeff Oliver Vs Dan Corner

Truth Talk Live
Four final comments

Jerry Gum Vs Dan Corner Debate

Transcript of Observations

James White-Dan Corner Almost Debate

Who backed out? See the actual
rules signed by the radio hosts (pdf)

Gene Cook-Dan Corner Debate

Analysis of Mr. Cook's Faulty Arguments-Contradictions
On Unchained Radio, The Narrow Mind Broadcast

Cook-Corner Debate And Analysis

Radio And TV Interviews

Dan Corner Interviewed on TV
Eternal Security Is Not True MP3
Once Saved Always Saved With Pastor Kevin MP3
Refuting Once Saved Always Saved MP3
Eternal Security: Damnable Heresy with KJV only host MP3
09/05/07 MP3
Once saved always saved, 1 MP3
Once saved always saved, 2 MP3
Once saved always saved, John MacArthur, etc. MP3
Refuted on radio 081607
30 minute radio interview MP3
40 minute radio interview with favorable host MP3
Radio Interview on 071607
26 minute radio interview MP3
11-1/2 Minute radio interview MP3
TV interview with unbelieving host
Two Radio interviews 080107
Radio Book Interview on Eternal Security MP3
Radio Book Interview and Various Issues MP3

Mark Driscoll-Dan Corner Debate (part 1)

Mars Hill Church
Mark Driscoll-Dan Corner Debate (part 2)
Mark Driscoll-Dan Corner Debate Observations

Watch the
Mark Driscoll Observations Video

Rob Zins Vs Dan Corner


David Cloud Challenge


Carm Debate Challenge

Matt Slick


Gary Amirault Vs
Dan Corner Almost


Pre-Trib Rapture

Jason Hommel Vs Dan Corner


Challenges For Christian Debates

Hank Hanegraaff
Dave Hunt
Max Lucado
Patrick Madrid
Robert Morey
David Stewart
James White
David Cloud

Once Saved Always Saved Is Not An In-House Debate!

Debating is a biblical practice. The Apostle Paul debated the Grecian Jews (Acts 9:29), the Lord Jesus debated the Sadducees (Mk 12:28), etc. The need to effectively defend biblical doctrine is tremendous. Christians are commanded to earnestly contend for the faith (Jude 3, 4). That passage was directly given to combat the grace changers. Please pray for the Lord to open more doors for Brother Dan (Rev 3:8) to have Christian debates!

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